Going on a muesli mission


Australians are big into breakfast cereals. Growing up it was Weet-Bix all the way with the occasional Crunchy Nut Cornflakes thrown in on special occasions and of course Saturday morning porridge. The cereal aisle in Australia is pretty much that… wall-to-wall cereal options.

Austria is not a cereal nation. The cereal section in the supermarket here is tiny in comparison. Austrians prefer to snack on bread, eggs, ham and cheese for breakfast. And that’s cool… but I’ve never really been a toast fiend. And while I enjoy eggs on the weekend, the convenience of cereal is just too good to pass up most days.

Growing up there was always the option of Mum’s homemade muesli… which if I remember correctly I had a bit of an on-off relationship with, but now I absolutely love it.


So when I moved to Austria I had to go on a supermarket mission to find myself something for breakfast. In the beginning I stuck to Weet-Bix, but while Weet-Bix in Oz is relatively cheap, here it’s double the price for half the goodness! And I think I tried every store-bought muesli I could find, but none of them stacked up to what I was used to.

So it was time to start making my own! Since I can’t make Mum’s traditional version (there are similar products available here but it’s just not the same), I’ve adapted and refined the recipe using bran sticks from Italy, dried apricots from Australia and dried apple from Austria. It’s a mix of all the good things. It’s good, it’s quick and it’s healthy.

So good morning out there to everyone eating their chosen breakfast meal! Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!


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