Ice skating like an Austrian

Exercise, fresh air and sun too!

I can ice skate to a reasonable level, but never got the chance very often in Melbourne, what with the few ice skating rinks we have. Maybe three?

But in Winter in Austria it’s easy. YOU JUST ICE SKATE ON A FROZEN LAKE. We are surrounded by lakes and mountains so it’s pretty easy to find one, hire a pair of skates and go for a few quick laps. The day we went was beautiful and sunny. I found it a little daunting to step onto an ice covered lake, but the 14 inch thick ice block they’d carved out to check the depth earlier that day was quite reassuring, as was the car driving round and around on it, smoothing out the ice.

ice skating austria

Breathing in the fresh air and gazing at mountains while ice skating is a bit different from breathing in the stale, frigid air of the refrigerators we skate in in Australia, while listening to dodgy pop songs. And as always seems in Austria, you’re never far away from a hot drink or something to eat. Just skate to one of the small huts at the edge where you can sit down and grab some hot soup, goulash, various kinds of sausage and of course my favourite winter beverage: Gluhmost. That’s hot apple cider, which not only warms you up but also gives you a confidence buzz for the next trip around the lake.

Let's go again!
Let’s go again!

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