Freaking out over the most basic of all laugage tests – German A1

If you want to stay in Austria for any length of time there is a basic German language test that inevitably, you have to take.

I started preparing for this as soon as I arrived, studying doggedly for two hours a day, painfully learning pronunciation with my Ukranian teacher. It helped not having a job – I had such a lot of time and a high desire to use my brain.

Time to learn German

They say that the A1 test can be passed in three months, with two hours of study a day. I can tell you for a fact that I was nowhere near ready after three months. I still felt like a drunk fruitcake whenever I tried to speak German.

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Short Trips – St Daniele – Wine & prosciutto heaven

Let me at it!

In June we went to Italy for the day (yes, I know, but that’s not that best bit) for a prosciutto festival (see, that’s the best bit).

St Daniele is famous for its amazing prosciutto and every year they hold a festival – it’s a couple of hours drive for us… but it was well worth it.

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Home-sickness… it’s not fun, but it is a privelege

It seems appropriate to write about home-sickness now since it’s been quite a dominate presence these last few weeks.

And I know it’s not the worst thing in the world and it’s not really going to hurt me and I’m not going to die… but when it hits you… quite frankly… it just sucks.

homesick like Captain
Missing my boy

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The awful German language – Mark Twain was right

I have never been a ‘foreign language’ kind of person. In high school I took the requisite half year of French, half year of Indonesian and picked Indonesian because the teacher was a bludge. I then sat next to the smartest girl in class for the next two years and copied her work. Read: I had ZERO interest.

Learning a second language - German
Why on earth would I ever need a second language?

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Foraging – it’s kind of like living inside a giant banquet

I grew up with a large backyard in suburban Melbourne and a Dad with a passion for fruit and vegies. As a youngster, it was quite common for me to go and collect my dinner straight from the garden, or grab a piece of fruit from the tree on the way to school. Then there was the time I started selling my parents vegetables back to them at a price… but that’s a completely different story.

Corn... but only for the animals
Corn… but only for the animals

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