Short Trips – St Daniele – Wine & prosciutto heaven

Let me at it!

In June we went to Italy for the day (yes, I know, but that’s not that best bit) for a prosciutto festival (see, that’s the best bit).

St Daniele is famous for its amazing prosciutto and every year they hold a festival – it’s a couple of hours drive for us… but it was well worth it.

The town was packed as we made our way to the festival entrance to get us some prosciutto and wine! With vouchers collected from the local newspaper we got a few plates of prosciutto free with wine… but at 6€ a bottle it’s not really breaking the bank. I hate to think how much it would cost in Australia!

How can anyone be sad in this world?

There was food everywhere as we strolled around checking everything out. One of my favourite things was the prosciutto bingo. It’s like those stalls at the show where you buy tickets (3 for 2€) and you could win a massive stuffed toy. Except here… you could win a massive ham. Sadly we didn’t score one, but we did get some beans, flour, breadsticks and polenta… so I think we made our money back.

Prosciutto bingo!
Prosciutto bingo!

And by far the funniest thing I saw on the day was the guy on his buck’s night who had been dressed up in a very revealing skirt and attached to a heavy wooden cross. His friends were accosting girls in the street to beat him with a stick. It was hilarious and I have suggested it to my brother’s best friend as a future idea.

Here's the poor guy... attached the cross
Here’s the poor guy… attached the cross

It was such an awesome day – the weather was warm, the prosciutto amazingly smoky and the wine was flowing. Sadly one of us had to drive (Thomas) but I drank enough for both of us! See you next year St Daniele.

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