Zotters – Austria’s very own Charlie & the Chocolate Factory

There is a magical land of chocolate in Austria… only an hour and half away.  Even though I’m not a huge fan of chocolate, a friend was visiting us from London and she absolutely insisted we go. Chocoholics beware – read on at your own risk!

Zotter chocolate factory Austria
A real, live chocolate factory

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The proposal – what a way to end a perfect day

For us it was clear, right from the start when I decided to move to Austria, that Thomas and I were in it together, that the end goal was to spend our lives together.

The happy couple on our one year anniversary.

It was quite a stressful though adventurous way to start a new relationship, but we very quickly realised that we were highly compatible and could definitely make it work.

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My first Austrian wedding – these guys know how to party all night long

Thomas and me at the wedding

My first Austrian wedding was in May. The weather was cool, but sunny, the bride looked beautiful and it was heaps of fun.

But there are lots of differences between Austrian weddings and what I’m used to. Read on to find out all about the crazy Austrian wedding traditions.

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The weather in summer – it’s a bit like Melbourne

I was really looking forward to summer 2014. Having arrived back in Australia the previous August, I had almost just gone through two winters, the Austrian one being a lot colder than anything I’d previously experienced. It started warming up around March, albeit slowly and we made plans for all the holidays and short trips we would take during summer. We live right in the mountains, among the lakes so there is plenty of hiking to be done, lakes to relax around and small, out-of-the-way places to stay.

It started raining not long after this picture was taken
It started raining not long after this picture was taken

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