The proposal – what a way to end a perfect day

For us it was clear, right from the start when I decided to move to Austria, that Thomas and I were in it together, that the end goal was to spend our lives together.

The happy couple on our one year anniversary.

It was quite a stressful though adventurous way to start a new relationship, but we very quickly realised that we were highly compatible and could definitely make it work.

Though I knew that Thomas would eventually propose, I had no idea when it would happen. We’d talked about such things and we knew we didn’t want to get married ‘just’ to get a visa, though we did keep it in the back of our minds as an option. I’d mentioned vaguely the kind of ring I had in my head, but as I said to a friend only a few weeks before the proposal: “I don’t think he would have enough information to actually buy one yet.” Unbeknownst to me, he’d bought it three months earlier!

Thomas knew that I didn’t want one of those obvious proposals – on a holiday, on an anniversary or birthday etc. But he still wanted it to be a good day. Finally the weather had warmed up a little and we’d planned a long hike on the upcoming weekend. So we decided to end the day with raclette on the balcony.

Dinner was delicious
Dinner was delicious

I do remember thinking that Thomas was acting a little bit strange that morning. He disappeared to go and buy something and came back with nothing (turns out he was buying flowers), but I was oblivious. I must admit it crossed my mind very briefly when we were hiking, but I thought that if he was going to do it, it would happen on the top of the mountain, so when we started our descent I shrugged my shoulders and stopped thinking about it.

That's me... oblivious
That’s me… oblivious

We came home, had a nap and then prepared dinner. We enjoyed some wine on the balcony and it was a really pleasant day. The perfect day, I’m pretty sure I said to him at one point. He’d been getting around in boxers and a t-shirt (which he’s inclined to do) and at one point he came into the kitchen with pants on. And not just his usual daggy trakkies, but nice pants. I asked him why he was wearing pants and he said he was cold. I thought it strange but didn’t think anything of it. By this point we were inside, I was finishing my wine and playing on my phone and he was… well it turns out he was preparing.

And here's the ring!
And here’s the ring!

He entered the kitchen with a dozen beautiful red roses and recited a well-practiced speech, which I don’t remember because I was too busy thinking: “Oh my God is he going to propose???” And then he got down on one knee and did. And it was perfect. And the ring? Also perfect. What a man!

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