Short Trips – Prague – the Paris of the East

I went to Prague in 2007 and spent 3 freakishly hot (40+) days with a couple of girlfriends. It’s a beautiful town, rich in history and architecture, and one of the few big cities I actually enjoy.

And yes, that's a penis
And yes, that’s a penis

Being only a 6 hour drive away, Thomas and I headed off for a long weekend to enjoy its beauty. There was a little tension as Thomas discovered on the way there that I’d already been to Prague. I, on the other hand thought he had been before, but he hadn’t. Still, it’s a nice place to revisit.

Looking out over the river

I had been a little sick but it cleared up seemingly as soon as we arrived and I saw the beautiful hotel Thomas had picked out for us. A short stroll to the old town, it was perfectly situated, with a posh breakfast room suspended over the first floor.

Dinner - yum!
Dinner – yum!

It was gloriously warm in Prague, but not too hot. We strode about in shorts and singlets, day and night, enjoying the colour and the flavour. As is our style, our adventures mostly included a lot of walking, but avoiding actually going into any tourist attractions. It was the perfect weather and the perfect town for it, heading up to Prague Castle to view the beautiful gothic style churches and enjoying cool drinks in backyard restaurants and a 10c sundae from McDonalds (we collected dropped toilet vouchers – yes, we are formally backpackers).

Cooling off
Cooling off

I shopped and found the perfect pair of earrings on the bridge (again, there’s always a perfect pair), we turned our noses up at the line for the paddle boats and instead stood ankle deep at the edge of the water to cool our feet. And when it was all over we got back in the car and drove home. I longingly looked out at the Cesky Krumlov sign as we passed only 13km away… but that’s for another day.

Prague by night
Prague by night

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