The wondrous PAX wardrobe system from Ikea – and the many hours lost from my life

Ikea pax wardrobe
The final result at last!

I went into the purchase of my first PAX system from Ikea completely oblivious. I was just so excited to be getting extra space for my clothes, I didn’t think of how much work it would be to put it together.

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An Austrian blood donation – sure I’ll take red wine with that

Call me weird, but I’ve always enjoyed donating blood. I could say that I do it because I want to help people, and that certainly has to be part of it, but I think perhaps it’s mostly to do with the fact that since I was a kid I’ve always watched my dad donate. I have good memories of going into South Melbourne with him and watching him undergo the process, waiting eagerly to share his milkshake and sugar lollies afterwards.

Or maybe I’ve always just been a sucker for free food.

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