Radio Paradise

music notesI love my music. I have spent ridiculous amounts of time creating playlists and organising my music files to ensure everything is exactly perfect. But sometimes I crave more variety than is available in my personal library… and when that happens, I always turn to Radio Paradise.

I first discovered Radio Paradise back in 2011 on my first Eurotrip. My cousin, who was living in Switzerland at the time, introduced me to it. The self-proclaimed eclectic mix of music was exactly to my tastes and included music from all over the world, including Australia, with a slight push toward soft alternative.

On my return to Australia I immediately forgot about it and went back to Triple J. Of course in Australia it is (or wasn’t back then) so common to have unlimited internet plans, so it wasn’t so easy to stream music anyway.

When Thomas and I travelled to Zagreb last year to visit my cousin (same one, just in a different city), I rediscovered Radio Paradise, and Thomas also became a huge fan, so upon returning home we immediately switched from local radio to Radio Paradise.

Radio Paradise is an online, listener supported radio station based in the US, and they really play the kind of music you can listen to every day, and the mix is just the right kind of weird. Some of my favourites include the sitar version of ACDC’s Thunderstruck and David Bowie’s ‘The Man who sold the World’. I love it when they throw in a random symphony like Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata, and follow it immediately with Nirvana. There’s no ads and minimal talking… it’s just the music I want to hear, played back to back with no interruptions. I know internet radio has been around for years, but I’m so happy I finally rediscovered Radio Paradise.

If you’re interested, you should have a listen too! I highly recommend.

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