When skinny girls go on a diet – shame me, shame me now!

I just spent two weeks on a diet. That’s right, I said it out loud. I am a slim girl yet I was ‘watching what I eat’. Gasp in horror! Go on, you know you want to. Because it’s ludicrous for somone who is not overweight to go on a diet, right? It is unnecessary and it is rude! Rude to all the people out there who might actually need to diet!

Delicious diet stir fry
Delicious diet stir fry!

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Feel like watching a movie in English tonight? Good luck finding it!

During my travels some friends and I found ourselves in Croatia, and on this particular day, unmotivated, we visited the cinema to watch ‘The Very Bad Trip – Part II’ – that is – The Hangover Part II. It puzzled me then and it puzzles me still, who decides on the sometimes very special movie titles when they’re translated into different languages. I’ve come across many more in Austria, so here are some of my favourites – and I’ll translate them literally so you can enjoy them the same way I do.

Back to the future translation
Here’s one where the movie title actually does translate well

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A change in pace – working only four days a week – but why should I justify it?

Now tell me, would you do it if you had the opportunity? Would you really?

Would you happily trade less money for more time? And if you did, how would you feel? Would it make you feel lazy? How would you react when everyone else was groaning about the long, last day of the workweek? Would you feel like you weren’t contributing to society and being selfish?

Working 4 days a week
My Friday workstation

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10 reasons why I’ll never be a true European

Looking the part
I might look the part… but will I ever really pull it off?

On the opposing end of last week’s post about why I was always destined to live in Austria, there are also plenty of reasons why I should not be here at all! Here are the top 10 reasons why I can never be a true European.

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