Sunburn shame

Even in these times of awareness about the dangers of UV and the sun, there’s still plenty of sunburn going on. Of course, we can’t protect ourselves from everything, and we do need our vitamin D, but as an adult, there’s no reprimand if we stay in the sun too long. Nobody yells at you. It’s more ooh that’s going to hurt later than what an irresponsible individual you are.

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When skinny girls go on a diet – shame me, shame me now!

I just spent two weeks on a diet. That’s right, I said it out loud. I am a slim girl yet I was ‘watching what I eat’. Gasp in horror! Go on, you know you want to. Because it’s ludicrous for somone who is not overweight to go on a diet, right? It is unnecessary and it is rude! Rude to all the people out there who might actually need to diet!

Delicious diet stir fry
Delicious diet stir fry!

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