Christmas cookies – I couldn’t possibly eat anymore… ok just one then

Austrians don’t really do dessert on Christmas Day, but that doesn’t mean they miss out.

Austrian christmas cookies
All for me? You shouldn’t have

For the entire month of December (and as long as they last after) Austrians bake truckloads Christmas cookies. They are everywhere – in shops, at work… and especially in people’s homes. Be prepared to be offered massive platefuls wherever you go. Continue reading

Learning to dance – Preparation for the all important ball season

When Thomas asked me if I’d like to take ballroom dancing classes with him I practically choked with happiness. Who would have thought, a guy who likes to dance? I’ve danced all my life, enthusiastically, albeit not necessarily well. Ballet, jazz and finally tap dancing where I found my greatest love.

Channelling Uma Thurman in Kill Bill... it's amazing what you can tap dance to.
Channelling Uma Thurman in Kill Bill… it’s amazing what you can tap dance to.

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Typing – whz would thez move the y?

That’s right… this post is going to be about typing… as in on a keyboard. And even just typing that one word – typing – has caused me some consternation, because… well the keyboards over here are different.

German keyboard
QwertZ? WTF

Not too different, not different enough that you have to relearn to type, but enough that it messes with your head and frustrates you just enough to be annoying. Continue reading

Short Trips – Vienna – it’s kind of like Melbourne, but really old

Vienna came second in the ‘most liveable city’ next to Melbourne the year I moved to Austria, so it seemed only fitting that we visit my parents for a weekend during their Eurotrip.

Welcome to Vienna

Therefore, as far as I can tell these must be the requirements for most liveable city:

  • There’s people everywhere
  • The weather is unpredictable
  • It is extremely windy

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