Feeling like a rock star – we all should sometimes

Dancing concert
My very first medal

There are moments in our lives where we feel like rock stars. When I was in kindergarten I took a newborn lamb for show-and-tell one day. My uncle owns a farm and in lambing season sometimes we’d get a few abandoned little-uns to take home and bottle feed until they were plump and ready to survive on their own. On that day, at age 4, I was a rock star.

I began dance classes a year later, and in my early to mid-20s I was still attending the same dance school. This dance school perfectly suited my ‘average’ dancing abilities. Unfortunately it’s not natural talent, but mechanical learning that means I have any rhythm as an adult. It wasn’t a terrible dancing school, it just wasn’t where professional dancers got their start. But that place was where I grew up. I loved the dancing. Sure, there were some not so fun parts: exams could be excruciatingly nerve racking, ditto the concerts where everyone was watching (though in reality, it was probably just my mum).

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Learning to dance – Preparation for the all important ball season

When Thomas asked me if I’d like to take ballroom dancing classes with him I practically choked with happiness. Who would have thought, a guy who likes to dance? I’ve danced all my life, enthusiastically, albeit not necessarily well. Ballet, jazz and finally tap dancing where I found my greatest love.

Channelling Uma Thurman in Kill Bill... it's amazing what you can tap dance to.
Channelling Uma Thurman in Kill Bill… it’s amazing what you can tap dance to.

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