Learning to dance – Preparation for the all important ball season

When Thomas asked me if I’d like to take ballroom dancing classes with him I practically choked with happiness. Who would have thought, a guy who likes to dance? I’ve danced all my life, enthusiastically, albeit not necessarily well. Ballet, jazz and finally tap dancing where I found my greatest love.

Channelling Uma Thurman in Kill Bill... it's amazing what you can tap dance to.
Channelling Uma Thurman in Kill Bill… it’s amazing what you can tap dance to.

I asked Thomas if guys over here thought ballroom dancing was cool (the only guys I’ve ever known to do it at home have been forced by their girlfriends as their wedding is approaching), he said not cool, exactly, but it’s certainly more socially acceptable, and most young people learn it at school at some point in preparation for ball season.

We started with ten beginner classes with a girl we called ‘Zumba Lady’ because she also taught the Zumba classes. She also, for the entire 10 weeks, wore a different pair of pants every week. I was insanely jealous, since at the time I only had about 3 pairs of pants to my name. It was good fun, slightly too easy for us, but very enjoyable. At a friend’s wedding we received many compliments as we twirled drunkenly around the dance floor.

Ballroom dancing
Almost ready for this… not!

We’ve just finished our second lot of classes and it’s getting harder and definitely more fun. There’s also a bit more tension as we both try and master the steps together, blaming the other one for our mistakes and mistiming. And sometimes I swear the room looks more like a bunch of zombies converging on a kill than couples attempting the Viennese waltz. But I’m looking forward to showing off our knowledge at our wedding later this year. I had pretty much decided to skip the first dance for the wedding, but since I’m marrying someone who hasn’t got two left feet… well, I guess Chris de Bourg is going to get some play time!

Lady in Red - Chris de Bourg
I can’t wait to be the Lady in Red

2 thoughts on “Learning to dance – Preparation for the all important ball season

  1. Sarah February 27, 2015 / 8:35 pm

    haha- Chris de Burgh will be perfect!! Everytime I hear that song I think of you!!

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