An Austrian (surprise!) filling

I never understood why other people hated going to the dentist. I always shot through appointments in record time with little more than a poke and a scrape. I never understood until recently… when I received my first (surprise!) filling.

And it was a surprise, because I had no idea what was going on at the time.

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The closest thing to owning chickens… without actually owning chickens

I once owned three chickens. They were a by-product of the only reason I studied biology: the project where each student receives a freshly hatched chicklet with the aim of ‘imprinting’ (basically making it think you’re its mother) it in the first week of its life by carrying it everywhere you go in a shoebox. When the week ended, you could choose to either keep your chick, or send it back to the Stegalls’ factory, where its projected lifespan was very short!

chicken eggs
My first days with Boris

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Monkey Memes – the result of a drunken afternoon sorting out Sri Lanka photos

monkeys sri lanka
So many monkeys

The weekend after we arrived back in Austria from our Sri Lanka/Australia trip earlier this year, Thomas turned up with a giant hunk of lamb and we decided to celebrate our return with a Sunday Roast. I was, naturally, head cook, and as I babysat the baking meat, I started sorting through the photos from our trip.

But the further into the afternoon I got, the more wine I drank, and after a while I was unable to do anything useful. And so, facing an excess of random monkey pictures from Sri Lanka, I decided that it was high time I learnt how to make memes. Here are the results, and I think they’re funny, even if no one else does!

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