Long Trips – Christmas in Australia – warmth, sunshine, family & friends

Australia - catching up with family Portsea PubReturning after a holiday always leads to a multitude of questions: How was it? What did you do? And you answer: Yeah, it was awesome! We did heaps of cool stuff! But where do you go after that? How do you pick out just a few notables that that particular person might be interested in hearing about?

Well, I just spend a month in Australia. And it was awesome! And we did heaps of cool stuff! And if you really want to know more, keep reading!

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Breaking a promise

When I made the decision to remain, for an unspecified amount of time, in Austria, I broke a promise.

I broke a promise to my parents, and along with that I broke a promise to my best friend in the world – my dog.

Captain dog beagle
Look at that face!

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