A bit corny – a photographic sequence

In this part of Austria they grow a lot of corn – that’s corn for the animals, not corn for people to eat. And every year it astounds me just how damn high those things can grow. So this year, I took a series of photographs to track the height of the corn. And hey, so I’m not photographer, but I still think the results are pretty cool!

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Saturday at 12

siren firestation austriaThere’s something very exciting that happens at noon every Saturday in Austria – and if you’re lucky enough to be near a fire station at the time… well all the more excitement for you!

The first time it happened my first thought was that war had broken out. Because every Saturday at 12, the fire stations test their sirens.

But yesterday it got even more exhilarating – because the first Saturday in October is THE ANNUAL NATIONAL SIREN TEST!

Hold onto your hats people!

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