Autumn with the ‘rents

coffee and cake

I enjoyed a busy summer of visits this year… just two short weeks after one of my besties visited, along came my parents.

My folks have visited three times now, and it’s already their second staying in our house. Luckily the house is big enough (for everyone to have his own bedroom if they so choose).

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The only free walking tour in Wolfsberg

On my parents’ recent visit, I was very excited to take them on my ‘ Free Wolfsberg City Walking Tour’ (ice cream tips accepted). The town is small enough that you can get around it, but big enough to be interesting, with beautiful, scenic views. In fact I was so excited, that I think I went a bit overboard, but there’s nothing wrong with wanting to show your folks all the good parts of where you live!

English-speaking tourists are a rare sight in Wolfsberg

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