European Beds – two singles, that’ll make a double

I know what you’re thinking. It’s happened before: you check into a ‘double room’ in a hotel only to find out that they’ve simply shoved two singles together, there’s an annoying gap in the middle and the beds gradually move apart throughout the night. But seriously, when it’s done properly, there are benefits you wouldn’t even think of.

But actaully, it's awesome
But actually, it’s awesome

In Europe this happens a lot, but over here they do it better. Our bed has a base that fits two single mattresses (so no sliding apart). But there is one big disadvantage:

  • You have to make two beds: Because there are essentially two beds, you have to make each ones separately – two fitted sheets, two bedspreads etc .

I was very dubious when I first arrived, but I quickly discovered the pluses to this amazing system.

No one hogs the doona

Yes, I’m sure that in Europe some people have a single bedspread over their two singles, but we have a separate doona each. That means that there’s no midnight arguing, no trying to drag the doona out from under your snoring partner.

It’s a bigger bed

I’m not sure if the ‘single’ bed size is actually bigger than a standard, but it’s plenty long enough and two of them equate to more like a queen that a double bed. The result is, a pretty big bed.

The gap is a hidden advantage

Gap in bed
The hidden advantage of the gap

Because there are two separate mattresses, it means that I (restless sleeper that I am) can move around a lot more without worrying about disturbing my man.

I can do my favourite thing

Sticking feet out of bed
Being able to stick your feet out any side is the best!

Which is, when it’s hot, to pull up the doona and stick my feet out the end – I still get the snuggly feeling from having the doona around my face, but lose heat through my legs! This is very hard to do when sharing a doona when another person.

So in my opinion the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages. I’m a solid convert!

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