Winter is finally over – the sure signs to look out for

springLiving in a climate with far more distinct seasons means that when one ends, there’s a definite shift in the air, a sudden change that is almost immediately noticeable. So here are the sure signs that winter is over for another year!

  1. winter over birdsThe birds return

One doesn’t seem to notice the absence of birds chirping, but when they start up again, all of a sudden it feels like the early morning darkness shines a little brighter, waking up to the welcome chatter of birds instead of the silence of snow.

  1. No more driving gloves, heavy jackets, beanies or fur-lined boots

Say goodbye to minus degrees, along with all your cold weather gear. Suddenly you feel lighter, because you are lighter – without fur-lined boots, down jackets and excess winter accessories.

winter over washing

  1. Clothes can be easily air dried

On good days, it’s back to freshly-washed, sun-kissed sheets fluttering in the midday breeze, instead of the stagnant, cellar-dried variety.

  1. The days become longer

It almost seems to happen overnight. Suddenly you’re watching the abrupt sunrise on the drive to work instead of arriving enveloped in the darkness of cold and many layers.

  1. Time to change tyres

All rejoice – now that there’s no more snow predicted, we can change back into summer tyres and kiss those frosty mornings goodbye.

  1. The sticks on the autobahn go down

The evil sticks that preclude the occurrence of snow are stowed back into their winter hidey holes – surely the highway guys aren’t going to go to all that trouble if there’s still snow on the way?

  1. Reverse parking is again possibleNew_car_new

And not for the reason you might think. If you park your car under a carport, rather than an enclosed garage, driving in forwards reduces the likelihood your front windscreen will be ice-covered in the early mornings. So in the winter I drive in forwards, and the rest of the year I reverse park.

  1. My nose stops running

If you’re anything like me, the second the air freshens my nose starts running, and doesn’t stop until it’s warm again. It’s nice to be able to leave the house without the threat of impending snot!

  1. The bees are buzzing

Fresh from their winter slumber, the air starts filling with the scent of flowers, and along with them the buzz of bees, as they wake themselves up and go about their bee business.

winter over

  1. People get back out in their gardens

Instead of staying snuggled up inside with the heating on, everyone spends the warm, sunny afternoons in their gardens, and the busy sounds of saws, lawn mowers and wood chipping fill the air.


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