Austrian Sweets


Now we all know that Austria is famous for apple strudel. And being one of my favourite desserts I don’t often stray far from it. Still, there are heaps of other awesome sweets that can be found at most bakeries around the country. So here’s 10 other things to try if you’re in the area (I figure strudel doesn’t really need an explanation):

  1. Krapfen

sweets krapfenEssentially this is Austria’s version of a donut. A sweet bread, dusted with icing sugar and filled with jam. Traditionally you’ll find apricot within, but you can find all sorts of varieties (vanilla-cream, raspberry, chocolate etc.), and some areas have different versions (shapes, sizes, with and without filling etc.).


  1. ZuckerreinkerlSweets zuckerreinkerl

One of my particular favourites, this one is a sweet bread, rolled up and choc-a-block with cinnamon and sticky sugar – the more the better! The best ones are soft, sticky and partially crystallised. Mmmm

  1. Reindling

sweets reindlingEaten particularly at Easter, I call this Austria’s version of raison toast. Austrians like to cut it up and eat it with ham (yes, you heard right), but I prefer to heat it up and coat it with butter, as if it’s real raison toast.


  1. Topfengolatschesweets topfengolatsche

A favourite of my hubby’s, this is a simple topfen-filled pastry. Crisp, crunchy and with a creamy, cheesy filling, it’s a good one for those who are a little less sweet-toothed.

  1. Schnecken

sweets schneckenTranslating literally into ‘snail’, these tasty morsels are rather like scrolls, and like scrolls, come in many different varieties – plain sugar, nut, poppy seed… and the list goes on.



  1. Sachertortesweets_sachertorte

I am not a chocolate fan (I know, weirdo), so the velvety-chocolaty-goodness of the Sachertorte doesn’t appeal to me. Still, this list can’t be complete without it, since it is the top choice of many Austrians, especially the Viennese, where it was invented back in 1832.

  1. Schaumrolle

sweets schaumrolleIf you like sweet, sugar, and sweet-sugar, then the Schaumrolle is your thing. A thin, melt-in-your-mouth pastry covers a gooey, sugary centre – literally as it translates: a cream roll.


  1. sweets_buchtelnBuchteln

This soft, pull-a-part treat is another of my favourites (so many, I know), coming filled with apricot jam and while it’s not so sweet, together with a cup of tea makes a perfect morning or afternoon snack.

  1. Marmorkuchen

sweets marmorkuchenIt’s Austria’s version of marble cake, baked in a traditional tin and a favourite to bring to work for celebrations or serve for guests in the afternoon.



  1. sweets apfeltascheApfeltasche

To end with something like strudel, the Apfeltasche translates simply to ‘apple bag’ and is available in every bakery and supermarket. Because I love apple and I love pastry, naturally I also love the Apfeltasche, especially warmed up in the evening with ice cream (and sprinkles).


2 thoughts on “Austrian Sweets

  1. K K Ness July 1, 2017 / 11:12 pm

    Yuuuuumm! Now I’m so hungry haha!

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