Crazy Austrian Slippers? Clogs? Sandals? Indoor Shoes?

austrian slippers

Before I came to Austria I had no idea that these were suitable footwear for home, work and play.

But I’m wiser now.

Worn both with and without socks, these shoes are a staple in every Austrian home and workplace. With winter being what it is, Austrians are overly anal about not wearing shoes inside, and therefore need a set of ‘house shoes’ for the sole purpose of wearing in the house.

But not only have I come across them in the home, I’ve also seen them being worn around the office! Again, often with socks. I can’t figure out if they are a classier version of slippers, or just an embarrassment.austrian slippers

I don’t know what to call them, I don’t know how to class them, I just think they are slightly amusing, and thought you might too. Hell, I’m sure they’re very comfortable, and why no wear a comfortable shoe in the workplace when you can!

And yes, I do own house shoes, but no, they are not this type. I just can’t bring myself to wear them, with or without socks. No, I have a pair of purple fake-Crocs – much classier!

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