The Advantages of Winter

winter Austria snowIt’s finally coming to the end of winter. Thank goodness, since it has been an exceptionally cold and snowy one. Yet as much as I prefer the warmer months, I still managed to rack my brain and come up with 10 reasons why winter is not all bad.

  1. roadworks austriaLess roadworks

Austrians love their roadworks. But the majority tend to happen in summer – no one really enjoys working outside in subzero temperatures. So in winter, commute time is often quicker, with less disruptions – 130 all the way people!

  1. Hide dirty hair

Can’t be bothered washing your hair? In winter it doesn’t matter. Just wear a beanie – you’ll probably have to anyway.

  1. Winter freezer defrost outside
    Everything outside on the balcony!

    The freezer clean-out

How annoying is it to clean out the freezer and having to pack eskies full of ice to store all the frozen goods in while the freezer is defrosting? In winter in Austria – it’s all good. Just put all your frozen stuff outside in the evening, let the ice melt with the heating of your home, and pack it back in. Job done!

  1. No more melting ice-cream

The days of rushing home from the store with melting ice-cream are no more. In Austria in Winter, your ice-cream won’t melt, even if you go to a couple of stores after you buy it. So relax.

  1. Winter beanie bralessGoing-braless

Naturally this only applies to those of us who can carry it off without pain. In winter, you wear a coat almost everywhere, which means you only have to worry about your bottom half being decent. My Friday supermarket shop is done in acceptable jeans, and the coat hides everything else. Naturally I also wear a beanie.

  1. Quicker work-outs

When it’s colder, your body has to work harder to keep warm, and therefore burns more calories. That means that in the winter, you can run/workout for a shorter amount of time, with the same results. Okay, well the actual science behind this is complicated and may not be entirely true, but I’m going to go with it.

  1. winter sheets drying insideInside washing

I love sun-drying – I religiously plan my washing days around the weather – but in winter, I can relax. Fog, snow, rain… ah I’m just going to hang it all inside. So although I don’t get the sweet smell of sun in my sheets, at least I get a break from planning and having to run outside in a panic every time it rains.

  1. Extended refridgeration opportunities

Having a party? Run out of room in the fridge? No worries – put whatever doesn’t fit outside. Or if you don’t want to go outside, probably the cellar is cold enough.

  1. Winter activites… or spas

There’s no skiing without snow and no lake skating without ice. And fresh, cold mountain air is a real revitaliser. Of course, if you’re not into that kind of thing, the best place to go in Austria in winter is to a spa. And if you want to combine the two, no problem, just go to a spa resort at the top a mountain. Winning!

winter Austria snow

  1. Snow

And finally, the beauty of snow. Because there is nothing better than watching soft, fat flakes fall outside the window, or walking around in the absolute quietness of a snow-covered landscape. So grab a glass of red, or your favourite movie, and relax on the couch.



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