Weird things Austrians… eat… giant pretzel sandwiches

When someone’s celebrating an occasion in Austria (birthdays, someone’s last work day etc.) and keeping it low key and easy, they might simply invite a few people over for a bite to eat, or in the case of a work environment, bring something along to share with colleagues (including the mandatory prosecco, of course, because we are in Austria). Quite often there will be cakes, pastries and other standard things you might expect. But there could also be something you were not expecting: a giant pretzel sandwich.

pretzel sandwichYou can order these from all the big supermarkets – it is literally the thing to take to work if you want to feed a large amount of people. And it serves equally well for a gathering at home. Instant lunch – boom!

I don’t understand why. I don’t understand how they can bake such a big thing, and even worse is imagining how on earth they cut the thing to fill it. It will come filled with ham and cheese and pickles and all things Austrian. And it’s always a hit. Always.

But there’s no complaints from me, either. I’m always up for a slice of giant pretzel sandwich!



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