Shutting down and staying home

Closed playground coronavirus
Playground in my street… closed

It’s been 10 days since I had close contact with anyone apart from my hubby, visited a shop or left the house for anything but exercise. With Coronavirus’s alleged 5-7 day average for symptoms to show, right now I am fairly comfortable in assuming that we are in the clear. That means we’ve kept ourselves safe, and haven’t contributed to spreading it around

Which is good, because since my post last week we now have reported cases here in my little town. The latest nationwide update brings the total to over 4000.

A lot of people in Australia have been asking me what’s going on here in Austria. Well here’s the latest.

We are pretty much in complete shutdown. Along with non-essential shops, restaurants are closed, all sport clubs are closed, playgrounds are closed, and the streets are very quiet. Unfortunately some people do still have to go to work which is scary for them. Schools are closed but some teachers are onsite during school hours, giving students a place to go if parents have no other way to care for them (due to work or other commitments). The government has pretty much recommended that you should only have contact with the people you live with, and the only exceptions are for purchasing essential stocks of food or medicine, and taking walks (alone or with someone from your household).

Closed restaurant coronavirus
Our local… closed

It’s still a weird atmosphere, but I feel like there’s a good kind of solidarity here in my town. Last week we had amazing weather, and everyone was out in their gardens, waving to each other over the fence, or having a quick long distance chat. When I went walking/running, it wasn’t just me swerving around people to keep distance between us, now everyone is doing it, but we still smile and greet one another. On the weekend we walked to my in-laws and sat in the garden while they looked out from their terrace to have a safe chat.

These are unusual times. But I feel like here in Austria everyone is taking it seriously now, and doing their best to flatten the curve.

It’s early days, but I feel optimistic that we’re making a difference. I appreciate that not everyone is in as good a position as me to self-isolate, but for those of you who  who actually can just stay home… my question is, why wouldn’t you?

It disturbs me to read the Australian news. I have parents there and I have been lecturing them almost daily to keep themselves safe. Because you know what? If you get Coronavirus, and you go to hospital… no one’s allowed to visit you… no one to hold your hand or provide comfort… yes, we all die in the end… but to die somewhere completely alone? Is it really worth it? If all you had to do to prevent that from happening to you or to someone else was to stay home?

So maybe ask yourself… next time you go to the supermarket to pick up something non-essential and put yourself at risk of contracting the virus or passing it to someone who could be higher risk.

Is this bread/cheese/bottle of wine really worth it?

Be calm and stay safe out there people.

5 thoughts on “Shutting down and staying home

  1. Mum March 31, 2020 / 7:14 am

    Hey Deb, you’ll by happy to know we are only going out for food and on the day we do we have a takeaway coffee. People here seem to be taking a bit more care. Much avoiding and shouting across distances.

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