The Staycation… holidays in Corona time


Like many people out there in these times, I am required to take all of my holidays this year. There goes my secret plan of saving them all up and taking 6 months off next year!

This requirement is kind of sucky, because holidays to me generally involve getting on aeroplanes, visiting other countries and changing time zones. And in Covid time there is none of that. I’m used to packing a bag, and packing as much as possible into every day, tasting new and exciting foreign foods, and running on empty. Usually my holidays end with me needing a holiday from my holiday.

I realise it’s a first world problem, because I am thankful to have a job and also to have holidays that I can actually take. So I figured I was better off taking the bulk of them in summer, when the weather was warm.

At least we are lucky to be living in a beautiful part of the world, and our restrictions were very mild at the time, so there was plenty to see and do.

At first it was weird – just waking up and not having much of a plan. Sure, I had tons to keep me occupied, both fun stuff like hiking and visiting friends, and boring stuff like weeding the garden. But with so much time and nowhere to go, there was no pressure to do any of it quickly.

Yet I have no idea where my 2.5 weeks went! Because before I knew it, it was over. I suspect much of it was spent in the pool, which I tried to visit every day. And another big chunk was spent doing jigsaw puzzles, of which I received many for my birthday. Other than that, we went out for lunches and dinners, we went hiking, we visited friends and family, I caught up on reading, and sleeping, and basically just caught up on everything that had been waiting until I had more time.

It was relaxing. It was… nice.

But it wasn’t being pulled quickly away by a friend in a Moroccan market because you’re about to get pick-pocketed; it wasn’t the unending beauty and wonder, despite the fact that you’ve got Delhi Belly; it wasn’t the unknown of what might happen today. It was not travelling. It was not even close.

But I guess that’s why they say holidays and travelling are two completely different things! And it’s been a while since I had a real one. And I feel much better for it.

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