My best dream ever – and a big shout out to Uma Thurman

I know what it’s like when someone opens with: I must tell you about my dream! It was soooo funny. Because let’s be honest, for the most part, other people’s dreams tend to be pretty uninteresting. Of course your own dreams are… amazing… mostly because they are… well… dreamy and often shrouded in that mystical light that makes them seem more meaningful.

I don’t believe my dreams are at all meaningful. And I am a frequent and avid dreamer. My dreams are at best odd, and at their most extreme, completely wacky.

I do try to resist the urge to tell people about my peculiar dreams… but sometimes I feel the need to share.

And this is one of those times.

Because recently I had what I feel is the best dream ever.

Let me paint you a picture… a dream-like, offbeat picture:

I was walking around a small town – it wasn’t a town I was familiar with, but I was aware I was dreaming, and I was also (or at least it felt like) able to choose where I walked. I arrived at a triangular junction, which was something akin to Piccadilly Circus, with a giant screen hanging over one corner, albeit much smaller and a little rural in feeling. Playing on that screen, as I gazed up at it, was a movie featuring Uma Thurman. Now, I think we all feel a bit like movies these days are a little bit lacking – but this one was not. Oh no. This was possibly one of the best movies ever (or at least that is the feeling I had in the dream).

And suddenly I arrived at a revelation… wait for it because this is the best bit.

This was my revelation: from now on I would not waste my waking time watching movies… from now on I would watch movies while I was sleeping! Imagine how much more time I would have in my life if I could combine sleep with watching movies!! It was a truly epic moment. I felt like a hidden genius discovering something the rest of the world had tragically looked over. I could not believe I hadn’t thought of it before!

Of course this is the moment I woke up. And try as I might, I couldn’t get back to the dream. Nor have I been able to ‘watch movies’ while sleeping since. But it was still an epic dream.

So if you think you’ve had a better one, I’d love to hear about it.

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