Daylight savings in lockdown – a non-event?


Recently in Europe we moved our clocks forward an hour. Normally, this can be quite a traumatic event. Having to get up an hour earlier for work is just no fun. And there’s this weird sense of almost-jetlag that goes along with it. Is it time to eat yet? Am I even hungry?

For the loss of the hour I usually placate myself with the knowledge that it means summer is coming. And I have to say, I’m a fan of the time change. I know not everyone is – I know the cows are unhappy – I know the curtains are fading – but I’m down with it. There is a lot of talk of removing it altogether now – I know the original reason for introducing it is invalid – but for me, it adjusts the light of the day better. In any case, whatever is decided in the future, I’ll live with it.

This year I assisted my transition a little by planning holidays, which meant I wasn’t actually forced to get up at a certain time to start work. But even if that hadn’t been the case, it still would have been a non-event for me this year. In lockdown… I don’t really have to be on point. I understand people that have kids or school or places to be early in the morning would still suffer, but because I can pretty much start work anytime (I just finish later), there’s not really a problem. And the short walk from my bedroom to my office is nothing on the hour-long commute I used to endure!

When I did go back to work, I didn’t bother setting an alarm. I woke up with the sun, and while it was a little later than normal, I just made myself get out of bed straight away. The result of this is, I’ve lost an hour of sleep without actually really noticing. And at the end of the day, it’s still light! And I’m loving it. Bring on summer!

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