Cleaning the house? Must be time to bring out the love!

Love song CDs

My taste in music is what I’ve already coined – Light Alternative. This takes up the majority of my collection. But I do listen to a diverse mix of songs. I like random pop, random metal, random rap, and so on. Who knows why certain random melodies appeal to me – they just do.

But one genre of music I definitely love, and am slightly embarrassed to admit, is love songs. The more heartbreaking the better, much like the sad movies I love. It seems that when we talk about love songs, people either love them or hate them. I used to switch from Triple J in the evenings to listen to Love Songs & Dedications. I couldn’t get enough of the old love songs on Easy Music Listening 1377 3MP (my first car only had am radio). I went through the discount bins at JB Hi Fi to find the sappiest romance mixes to add to my collection. I am that person.

Every second Friday is cleaning Friday. I undertake the general cleaning (dusting, bathroom, kitchen, toilets and so on) and hubby vacuums and mops. I know a lot of people who clean the house to music – good dance music, songs you can sing to, songs you can thrash about to – but I don’t know anyone who likes to clean to love songs. Except me. I put on my love songs playlist and have a good old sing. I usually do it when hubby is out, but I’m quite sure the neighbours screw up their faces wondering what that weird Australian does every second Friday – squawking around to terrible songs.

The thing for me is, add music and it makes everything better… even the worst things in the world like cleaning the bathroom! And why the love songs, you ask? Well, I don’t really know. I just know that they make me happy, and they keep me motivated and it keeps my mind off thinking about how disgusting it is to clean hair out of the drain or wondering how that orange stain actually got onto the roof!

So how about you… what do you listen to when you clean? And do you like love songs like me, or hate them?

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