When Larry met Sammy

Going to the pool with baby

Going into pregnancy I already knew about the (allegedly) hellish fourth trimester and had made the decision that for the first three months after birth I would be making no fixed plans and having no expectations on myself or my child. So when my parents cancelled their September trip due to Covid I was half glad. Sure, it would have been great to see them and for them to meet the baby, but I wasn’t sure I wanted guests in the house in the first three months, even my parents!

No one was more surprised than me, when, five weeks after birth, I resumed my almost daily swimming regime at the pool. It was an important step for me, mentally, and physically, and although I wasn’t pushing myself to go every day, it just happened that I could, so I did.

So when a close friend from Oz announced she’d planned a last minute trip to Europe, and could pop by for a few days, if we were open to it, I welcomed her with open arms. Despite my misgivings, by September we’d entered a bit of a golden period – Sam was sleeping better, so I was feeling better, and daytime naps were also frequent, so there was enough downtime to feel sane.

Going out for dinner with baby

Being honest, I wouldn’t have welcomed everyone. I don’t even know if I would have welcomed more than one person. But one good friend, especially one who has a niece and nephew, so is pretty down with all things small baby related… well I could do that!

It was a different kind of visit. There were no boozy late nights or hikes or big adventures. Although I’d been getting good at going to the pool, I hadn’t been terribly good at getting out apart from that. With someone else with me during the day, I felt more confident, and we did a couple of pool trips with baby, and even went out to dinner!

It did me good – both getting out more and seeing an Aussie friend. There was plenty of chatting, eating and early nights. And since she was working while she was staying with us, I also didn’t feel any pressure to entertain – when I had baby stuff to do, she had her stuff to do.

The hellish fourth trimester is official over now, and although I am sure there are plenty of trying times to come, I’m feeling more confident, and I’m sure by the time we have our next visitor, things will be a lot different!

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