Ice skating like an Austrian

Exercise, fresh air and sun too!

I can ice skate to a reasonable level, but never got the chance very often in Melbourne, what with the few ice skating rinks we have. Maybe three?

But in Winter in Austria it’s easy. YOU JUST ICE SKATE ON A FROZEN LAKE. We are surrounded by lakes and mountains so it’s pretty easy to find one, hire a pair of skates and go for a few quick laps. The day we went was beautiful and sunny. I found it a little daunting to step onto an ice covered lake, but the 14 inch thick ice block they’d carved out to check the depth earlier that day was quite reassuring, as was the car driving round and around on it, smoothing out the ice.

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The ultimate Austrian winter sport – Skiing

Despite the fact I’m from Australia, I am an avid skier. So skiing was on my list of ‘must-dos’ for winter. Unfortunately, I seem to have shacked up with the only Austrian who ‘doesn’t really like skiing anymore’. An oversight on my part. However, he was still willing to take me, given he knew how much I loved it.

In Australia it's basically the same price to fly to NZ to ski... so that's what we did
In Australia it’s basically the same price to fly to NZ to ski… so that’s what we did

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The challenges of staying fit in Austria

So I’m pretty big on keeping fit and healthy. When I was living in Melbourne I pretty much stuck to the same routine all year round. Swimming has always been my favourite, followed by running and then I would usually add in a bit of yoga or some strength exercises to finish off the week.

And in Melbourne, while it can get quite cold on those winter mornings, it never really gets so cold that you can’t do one of the above-mentioned things.

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