Desperately seeking employment

Looking for a job in a small town where very little English is spoken is not easy.


And because my German is not yet good enough (and won’t be for a while) to get a job that requires foreign speaking or writing, I really need to find a job where I can utilise my English.

Work social media
Yes, my work involves constantly checking social media

I also need a job in the Marketing field because that’s what I studied at uni and those are the visa requirements. And I’m also required to earn a certain amount of money, so I can’t just get any old job to stay in the country.

So it’s tricky. Another tricky part is that around here all the industry is technical or automotive. If I was an engineer or technician or worked with numbers… things might be different. But marketing, especially when I’m an expert in the English language, is not so easy. I pretty much need an international company because luckily, at least the universal language is English.

Before a few weeks ago I’d had only one disaster of a job interview. The guy wanted me to come in and have a chat in German to test my language skills. Let’s say the interview began in German but ended pretty quickly in English. To be fair he said I would have been perfect for the job, had my German skills been up to scratch.

German job interview
This is how I felt in the interview

So I’m running a race against time. Another few months and without a job I’ll get kicked out of the country… though that’s not all bad, considering it will mean going back to my homeland, and probably with a fair whack of travelling in between!

Fingers crossed
Yes, my work involves constantly checking social media

However, very recently I had a semi-successful job interview (they’ve asked me back for a second) with an IT company. I’ve got all my fingers and toes crossed. It would be nice to know where I’m going to be living in 6 months.

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