It’s all about me – adapting to a new member of the family

I’m going to be perfectly honest here and say it… babies freak me out.

Small people, with their wide curious eyes… staring right into your soul… picking apart your secrets with a glee smile…

I fear that I may have reacted incorrectly when my brother announced that he and his wife were having a baby.

babyMy reaction was something along the lines of a gaping mouth, eyebrows shot to the roof… And when I finally recovered, I didn’t do what any normal person would do and give my brother a hug – no, instead I gave him a high five.

A high five. The same thing I do when celebrating the fact that someone gets laid… (which is kind of appropriate when you think about it).

Still, when I was expecting the conversation to turn toward their planned upcoming trip to Europe (derailed due to said pregnancy), and it instead turned into to a baby surprise… well, you might say I was unprepared.

Sure, I’ve had plenty of friends who’ve popped out kids, and although it was initially a little weird to get used to (we’re old enough to look after other people… since when??)… but my own brother… having a baby? Like, that’s totally weird, right? I mean, everyone around me seems to be having babies… but still… my brother? My brother was going to be a Dad?

Naturally I was extremely happy for them, but I couldn’t shake the initial strange feeling that kicked me off my feet a little. Maybe it had to do with the fact that life was moving on without me in Australia… that I wouldn’t be able to have such a hands-on role when it came to my niece. Or maybe it was just the ‘freaking out about babies’ thing. It made me feel both better and worse about the prospect of having my own, something that is currently balancing precariously on the fence. Somehow it made me think, well if my own brother is doing it, it must be ok. Yet on the other hand I thought, if even my own brother is doing it, people will be expecting me to do it too! Does that mean I actually have to start thinking about this??

Ah, but time passes. And with the arrival of the very adorable baby Emily in July, I can honestly say that I am no longer (completely) freaked out by the fact that my brother is a Dad – now I am more freaked out by the idea that I’m old enough to be called ‘Auntie’.

And when I met my new niece on Skype she was beautifully behaved… though being my brother’s child, that will probably change!

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