Not quite Austrian – the embarrassing way I leave my garden over winter

And just when I think I’m starting to fit in, I realise I’m making a huge faux pas when it comes to winter in Austria.

To demonstrate I took a quick snap of my neighbour’s veggie patch, ready to go to bed for winter.

winter garden austria
Nice and tidy

And now take a look at mine.

winter garden austria
Not so good

It’s kind of embarrassing, exacerbated by the fact that I overheard hubby laughing about it with said neighbour, and telling her that I’d sneakily taken a picture for the purposes of this post. But I guess I’m not embarrassed enough to spend time in the freezing outdoor temperatures so my garden looks pretty over winter. Though maybe it’s not the only reason they do it – maybe there’s some functional purpose – like killing bugs etc.

Still, at least this time, I’ll dig it all up when it’s warmer in spring.

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