The Autumn Transition – from one day to the next, clothing completely changes

autumn is over winter is coming
Afternoon aperol time is almost behind us

There’s often a day between summer and autumn in Austria, where the weather turns, and everyone knows that at that point things are going to go downhill (certainly in terms of temperature). Winter is coming.

It’s not always a hard and fast rule. After a couple of weeks in the low-teens, it’s not unheard of for temperatures to pop back up to 18-20.

But by then it’s too late.

Austrians have changed their wardrobes.

The boots and jackets come out – summer running gear is securely stowed – the bright colours of warmer months are all but gone.

Perhaps it’s a just a process – something that happens at the same time as tearing down the garden and changing to winter tyres – perhaps it’s because they are really excited to bring out their autumn wardrobe and get the most out of it – perhaps they are just used to a cooler climate and are glad summer is ending.

Personally, I dress for the weather. If it’s 9 degrees I will wear a coat, but if it’s 19… well I’m definitely not going to look far past flip flops and a single top. For me, it’s the last little bit of summer I’m going to see for months – so I’m absolutely going to make the most out of it.

Which leads to some weird looks. As I’m bounding about on my weekly runs in shorts and singlet I pass people in long sleeves who narrow their eyes. Wearing a floaty summer top at work raises eyebrows. I am constantly being told: “If you don’t rug up at this time of year, you will get a cold.”

Ah bugger it, I’m going to get a cold at one point this year anyway, so I just shrug and nod agreeably. But I’m still going to take that last bit of vitamin D, thank you very much!

Though I have to say, that when winter does finally turn properly, I will look upon my boots and coats and beanies that I haven’t seen for months and get proper excited. Because at that point, it does feel like having a brand new wardrobe!



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