Home for the holidays

Midlands - pub
What we should have been doing this week

Yesterday morning we got up early, grabbed our already packed suitcases and loaded them into the car for our flight to the UK.

Oh… except that we didn’t.

Yesterday was our 5th wedding anniversary and we had plans to spend a week driving around the gorgeous Welsh coastline, stay in cute BnBs, enjoy English big breakfasts and drink lots and lots of beer/cider/ale on tap.

But instead we found ourselves home, like much of the rest of the world.

To be honest we’re not so big on the whole ‘celebrating’ anniversary thing – the trip wasn’t actually planned for our anniversary – the dates just lined up.

Still, it felt odd, given the current situation and our waylaid plans, not to mark the occasion somehow.

Shrimp pastaWe were expecting our next online order to arrive in the afternoon, and unbeknownst to me hubby had added some ‘treats’ so we could enjoy a platter before he cooked up one of my favourites for dinner – shrimp pasta. I gave him a piece of wood I found in the backyard – because apparently the traditional gift for the 5 year anniversary is wood.

It’s a first world problem to have a holiday cancelled from COVID-19, but it does make you stop and think for a moment about what we all would have been doing. It feels quite surreal for us not to have any holidays on the horizon. We usually have a jam-packed schedule of weekends away and would be in the planning stages of some kind of bigger travelling event for later in the year. My parents scheduled trip to Austria in June is cancelled, as are all our smaller ones to Italy, Croatia and Vienna.

Cider in the backyardOn the bright side, since October last year we were in India, Bangkok and Australia, and I squished work trips to London and Lisbon in there as well. So really we are lucky that we were out when we could be.

I’m not happy that we missed our holiday to Wales, but it won’t be forgotten, just delayed. And in the meantime, I’ve got cider here at home and salt’n’vinegar chips to pretend we’re in a beer garden in the UK all week.

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