Weird things Austrians eat… Jelly Meat

Jelly meat - aspic

Ok… it’s not actually called Jelly Meat. It’s actually called Aspic – or in Austria – Sulz. But I call it Jelly Meat. Because that’s what it looks like. It reminds of the old Whiskers ad… Whiskers time, chunky tuna; Whiskers time, jelly meat… remember that one? No? Just me, then.

Jelly meat - aspic

To me it looks like dog food with more vegetables. Apparently it’s a dish in which ingredients are set into a gelatin made from meat stock or similar. Hmm… that’s doing nothing to convince me. I’m too afraid to try it. In no corner of my imagination does it actually taste good.

Still, someone must eat it – so if you do… enjoy.

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