Some might call it a Babymoon – let’s call it our last trip to Italy

Lignano Italy

I tend to rebel against tradition just a little. Maybe I like things easier, or maybe I just like to rebel. I didn’t want a traditional wedding. And I’m not expecting that I’ll live up to the traditional expectations of parenthood – after all – there’s more than one way to skin a… baby?

I’m so glad I live in a country that doesn’t know what a baby shower is. It’s not me. It’s ok for those who want one, but I’m glad there’s no expectation here. There will be no maternity photo-shoot, or baby-shoot for that matter – where it angelically sits in a terracotta pot with a garland of flowers on its grumpy head.

Because of this I’m kind of loath to call our recent trip to Italy a ‘Babymoon’, because it’s kind of traditional and it kind of makes me wince. But it was our last trip together, just the two of us, before the baby, who will no doubt change the way we travel for a long while.

Even though I’d only returned from Australia a month or so earlier, it was great to get away with hubby, to be at the beach, and to relax. At the time I was already on maternity leave so I could leave that all behind too.

We went early in May this year – partially to escape the crowds and Covid and partially because we weren’t sure how much longer I’d feel ok to travel. My back was behaving, I could enjoy walks again and I felt very calm. We booked into our favourite beachfront hotel, Punta dell’Est, crossing our fingers for the weather, and were rewarded with daily temperatures of 25-30 degrees, which is not necessarily something that can be counted on at that time of year.

The trip was not much different to our usual Lignano beach trips. Breakfast on the rooftop terrace followed by a morning walk (not as long as in the past, but I still racked up a fair few kms for a pregnant person). Then a much-needed rest, swim, and experiencing the overwhelming  joy only a pregnant woman can know when digging a hole in the sand allows you to lie on your stomach for the first time in months! In the afternoon we headed to our favourite beachside bar for beverages, chips and snacks. There was a moment of panic to begin with when I realised I had no idea what to drink. Aside from water, I don’t think I’ve ever had anything other than Aperol, wine or spritzers in Italy, but I soon discovered Gingerino, which is a bitter orange drink, not unlike Aperol, and that made me feel quite at home.

In the evenings we trekked the shopping street, eating fish and seafood at our favourite restaurants, and discovered that cooling my feet in the hotel pool at the end of it all went a long way to getting a good night’s sleep. Then we farewelled Italy, at least for a little while, and headed home, far more relaxed and ready for the next chapter!

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