(Kind of) Hilarious Australian news articles

Some news stories are serious – and so they should be. However, there’s nothing like injecting a bit of light-heartedness into a world where reporting only seems to get grimmer and grimmer. And since Aussies are known to enjoy taking the piss, both of themselves and others, here’s a few examples of times when they focused on the lighter side of news.

Trolley Man

news articles - trolley man

Back in 2018, a tragic incident happened on the streets of Melbourne. It’s not a fun story. Yet out of the dust emerged Trolley Man. I think it’s a part of Aussie mentality to at least think that we will jump in to make a difference in times of trouble. When the attack was under way, a man used a trolley to repeatedly ram the suspect, aiding police who were then able to apprehend him.

In 2019 a similar incident occurred, but this time the suspect was held down with a plastic crate, with another supporting with a wooden chair, until police could apprehend him. What a resourceful folk we are!

The most important part of an election

news articles - election sausage sizzle

Of course when there’s an upcoming election there’s never a shortage of articles published. But there’s another thing everyone talks about during an election in Australia. And that’s the sausages. Traditionally voting is done at community centres or schools, and these organisations take advantage of the situation by undertaking a bit of fundraising… and the most popular thing to do on this day, is hold a sausage sizzle. That is… a bbq’d sausage, on bread, with onions and sauce. And let’s be honest, most of the time the sausage is the highlight of the election!

Making light of Covid

And who could forget the endless Covid related articles of 2019 and beyond? The stats, the drama and the fear mongering. Again, not a funny topic, but here we have a lot of ammunition to draw from. From the toilet paper shortage, to the new words created by Covid (still loving the quaran-tini), to Melbourne’s alleged quarantine orgy, responsible for spreading Covid through the state and instigating yet another lockdown across Victoria.

Our dangerous animals

Time to capitalise on the fact that our animals are very dangerous (or at least the perception that they are). I guess these kinds of articles are why so many people are terrified of coming to our country and having an encounter with a dangerous animal. In truth… it’s pretty unlikely.


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