Northern India – go or don’t go – it’s your choice

northern india - coconutIt seems like on the subject of India, the world is divided into two halves. The ones that can’t wait to get there, and the ones that absolutely, positively never want to go near the place.

“Keep your expectations low”, our tour leader kept saying on our latest adventure to India. I’m not sure if it was a ruse to ensure we were never disappointed, but it worked for me. I remained pleasantly surprised for most of the trip. From the transport and roads, to the hotels we stayed in, to the experiences we had, everything was either as I expected, or better. At least, when compared to what the trip had promised.

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Words that sound hilariously dirty in German – time to get my 14 year old boy on

German really is a hilarious language, especially when you come from an English-speaking background. I am constantly hiding my smiles and sniggers as I listen to the chatter around me. Here’s ten of my favourites. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! Continue reading