Short Trips – Düsseldorf – a recovery weekend with friends

dusseldorf_drinksWhen I told people I was going to Düsseldorf for the long weekend the first thing they said was: why? Düsseldorf is a relatively large city on the left side of Germany (and that’s the level of preciseness you’re going to get from me), and from what I can tell it is renowned for two things:

  1. The shopping
  2. As an international business hub

Definitely not renowned for a ‘long weekend destination’. For us, it’s only flight from where we are in Austria, and when you’re constantly taking two flights to get anywhere OS, going somewhere that requires only a single hop is very enticing.

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Short Trips – Hamburg – turns out the Germans aren’t so bad after all

I was never very excited about visiting Germany.

But then we went to Hamburg. Hamburg is definitely a city I could visit again. Seafood, salt air and the chance to see the Lion King… winning!

hamburg_wiener gold
It’s all about wiener gold!

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