Easter in Austria – a challenge of who can eat the most ham and light the biggest fire

Austria may be a country steeped in religion and tradition, but from what I can tell Easter seems to be mostly about eating ham and lighting huge bonfires!

Easter bonfire Austria
Austrians do bonfires properly!

I’ve written about Easter before (Easter & the Creepy Osterlamm) but 2016 actually marked my first Easter in the country (even though I’ve lived here now for almost 3 years) because the previous two times I was in Oz on holiday.

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The Creepy Osterlamm (Easter Lamb) – I’m freaking out just thinking about it

Today’s post will be dedicated to one of the creepiest things I have come across in Austria so far: the disturbing Osterlamm (Easter Lamb). It’s not for the faint hearted, so read on at your own risk. Continue reading