Easter in Austria – a challenge of who can eat the most ham and light the biggest fire

Austria may be a country steeped in religion and tradition, but from what I can tell Easter seems to be mostly about eating ham and lighting huge bonfires!

Easter bonfire Austria
Austrians do bonfires properly!

I’ve written about Easter before (Easter & the Creepy Osterlamm) but 2016 actually marked my first Easter in the country (even though I’ve lived here now for almost 3 years) because the previous two times I was in Oz on holiday.

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The Creepy Osterlamm (Easter Lamb) – I’m freaking out just thinking about it

Today’s post will be dedicated to one of the creepiest things I have come across in Austria so far: the disturbing Osterlamm (Easter Lamb). It’s not for the faint hearted, so read on at your own risk. Continue reading

Ostern/Easter – Chocolate, ham and sweet bread

Sadly, I missed Easter in Austria this year. I was enjoying some much needed sun and friend catch-ups in Australia. Like Christmas, it seems that Easter is taken a lot more seriously over here. Once again, completely different if you’re religious. So despite my not having actually been here, here are my impressions of it.

This Milka surprise was waiting for me on my return.
This Milka surprise was waiting for me on my return.

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