What are you training for? Nothing.

swimming ocean dad

I like sport. We all know that. I like swimming most of all, and running, and most other aerobic kinds of activities that don’t involve balls. I do not like sports that involve balls – except for mini golf.

And I often get asked… “What are you training for?”

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Safety Beach – my little slice of paradise

safety beach sailing clubGrowing up in Melbourne I’ve always been close to the beach. Our family holidays were often coastal and featured a lot of swimming both in surf and the calmer waters of the bay. From about the age of 10 my parents joined us up to a sailing club in Safety Beach, and from then on, until I decided I was too old to spend Sunday’s with my parents, we were there every week from November to April, rain hail or shine.

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The first morning

Australia beachOn my first morning in Oz I woke up at 6am following a fitful but exhaustive sleep, head clogged with Jetlag.

I contemplated closing my eyes again, before concluding that getting up was probably the quickest way to bring my brain back to functionality. So I wandered around the house in the quietness of early morning before trailing to the beach in my running gear.

I know it’s not the first thought most people would have, but it is what it is.

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The joys of running… in winter and summer

I like running. It’s easy, it’s quick and it doesn’t cost anything. And it’s something you can always do – you just have to rug up, right? Wrong.

Feel like running today? Not me.
Feel like running today? Not me.

Turns out we didn’t have a particularly cold winter this year in Austria (that’s what they tell me), but it was plenty cold enough for me! Though I managed to keep a pretty consistent outdoor running schedule I did spend quite a few days inside on the X-trainer!

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