What are you training for? Nothing.

swimming ocean dad

I like sport. We all know that. I like swimming most of all, and running, and most other aerobic kinds of activities that don’t involve balls. I do not like sports that involve balls – except for mini golf.

And I often get asked… “What are you training for?”

I understand why. I run all year round, when I go swimming I do sprints and sets and drills… hell I was in a triathlon club for a few years back in Oz.

Note: I never actually competed in a triathlon.

But when people ask me what I am training for I really have no good answer. Because I’m not training for anything.

Running competition Dad

I used to do 4 or 5 ocean swim competitions every year when I was back in Oz… I once did the Arthurs Seat Run with my dad… but to be fair neither of those required me to do much additional training. Perhaps I just didn’t care that much about doing well, so I never felt compelled to train hard. I was just happy to be there… to finish it… ok maybe it was the freebies – I do love the free t-shirt and the free random stuff you get in a showbag when you enter an event.

So what am I training for? Well… just life I guess.

Fight or flight… well I can’t fight… so I’m going to make sure I have some stamina.

And if something does go down (zombie apocylypse, waterworld etc.), I plan to be ready.

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