Before and After – the new house

Renovations are stressful, costly and life-sucking. We (or should I say Thomas) packed a lot of improvements into the two very short months before we moved in. While the outside of the house was basically ready to go, the inside needed a bit of work – new kitchen, new bathroom… and then of course it seemed that every time we looked under something there was something more to do underneath!

Still, finally, we can say that after the renovating, the moving, the sorting and the organising we are (almost) done. There are still some decorative elements to do – curtains, pictures on the wall and so on, but those will come in time. And damn we’re proud of it – it’s amazing to live in such a house.

So,  here are some before and afters.



Living Room: yes we took out all that beautiful wood, but damn is it light in there now!

Dining Room

Master Bedroom

Other Bedrooms

Entrance Room

Toilet: well there’s two but they basically look the same – bye bye shelf toilets!

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