Living in a house 1 year on – some reflections

We’ve come a long way baby – from the rubble of the renovation – to our beautiful almost-finished house.

Recently we hung curtains in the bedrooms (that’s right neighbours, no more peep shows) – and I feel like it marks a completion point in this year-long house project. I mean, I know that a house is never really finished – there’s always something to do – something to improve – something new to try – but everything functions, everything looks nice, and the rest is for future Debbie to worry about.

backyard snowman
I love being able to build a snowman in my own backyard!

I love going into my house and not thinking about whether I’m being noisy and annoying people (except my husband). I love that the washing machine lives in the basement so I can wash in the middle of the night if I want – and no one will be disturbed. I love having my own room to do my own thing and escape if I need to. I love having a backyard to lounge around in, where only the birds and the odd distant tractor interrupt the serenity. I love inviting people over and having space for everyone to have a meal together. I love my work out room. I love that we have spare rooms that are not yet filled with junk. I love the gradually expanding wine collection in the cellar. I love love love the new curtains.

Of course, the house has meant more work. There’s more cleaning and there’s the garden to tend to. There’s more things to go wrong and it’s more painful when something gets scratched or dented. There’s an endless list of short and long-term projects. But it’s been very rewarding. We’ve learnt a lot over the past year, we’ve pushed our boundaries and our relationship. We’ve compromised. We’ve come to often unspoken agreements about who takes care of what.

When my brother’s family came to visit in May there was enough space for everyone – even the baby had her own room. When my parents were here in September it barely felt crowded.

Not only is it great when we have friends over – it’s amazing when it’s just the two of us.

It’s our home. And it’s a great home.

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