Russian train rides and an unbelievable discovery

chips and red wine russian trainsNever would I have thought that long, tedious Russian train rides would lead me into a lifelong obsession…

When faced with our first journey from St. Petersberg to Moscow in 2013, my roomie and I shopped for supplies. I know the rules for train journeys… take your own toilet paper, plenty of water and snacks. Because you never know how long they’ll actually go on for.

As we were particularly anxious about the quality of Russian trains, we also decided that red wine could be a good antidote… then someone picked up a pack of sour cream chips and…


Cue one of the best combinations I’ve ever had in my life. From that first trip, no train ride after was complete without those two key ingredients.

chips and red wine russian trainsAnd when I arrived in Austria, just months after this momentous discovery, I naturally introduced it to Thomas, and then we found the most amazing sour cream chips EVER.

The problem now is, when I taste either a sour cream chip, or a sip of red wine, I just HAVE to have the other to go with it. It’s like pizza & coke, fish’n’chips & milk, seawater & solo (don’t ask). It just belongs together.

So if you haven’t tried it, I suggest you do – maybe you’ll be a lifetime convert like me J


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