Cooking Shows on Netflix – it all started with Zumbo’s…

Moving on from last week’s post of hubby and I looking for an Aussie show to watch together, enter Zumbo’s Just Desserts.

Netflix Zumbo's Just Desserts

Zumbo’s Just Desserts was, I have to say, pretty terrible. And obviously many agree with me since it only lasted one season. It’s one of those shows that you flick through and leave on in the background. It features the crazy accent of Gigi, the robotic voice of Zumbo and… well the other girl was English, that much I remember. It featured amateur cooks trying to compete to be the best dessert-tier… if that’s a word. There was an eclectic mix of Australian contestants, all with their own quirks, words and accents.

It was hilarious. I loved having something Aussie to binge, and Thomas loved listening to the way everyone spoke (in their weird Australian accents) and learnt a whole new vocabulary of slang.

We watched the entire season together.

And when that ended we felt kind of abandoned. What would we watch together now when we didn’t have the brain capacity for something serious? Enter Nailed It, an American cooking show with a really loud but funny host, a support guy that always wears his suit with sneakers, a well known Frenchie (some kind of cook)… and… Zumbo! That’s right, he was back.

netflix Nailed It

Nailed It fulfilled our binge TV needs… absolutely clueless Americans competing to produce a ridiculously involved dessert in a ridiculously short time. We powered through seasons one and two before moving onto Sugar Rush, featuring cupcakes. And now… well, we’re on the hunt for something new…



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