It’s time to get back out there – desperately seeking running shoes

new shoes coronavirusThis week I did something crazy.

I physically went into a shop and bought shoes.

It was day 52 of self-quarantine, and we finally decided it was time to let ourselves out of the house.

Hubby had already been back at the office for a few weeks, but since there was no need for me to be out, the only thing I’d done was visit the egg farmer. We locked down pretty hard, so the transition back for us hasn’t been as quick as some.

I desperately needed new running shoes. My toes were literally peeking out the sides of my old ones. And my back has been playing up so I figured it was the right choice for my first expedition back into the outside world. At the door of the sports store, they were handing out masks and hand sanitiser, we were advised to maintain distance from others, and in we went. It was a bit weird… it felt a bit muted and cautious with everyone traipsing around in masks. But it worked. I returned with new shoes feeling a little better about the world.

new shoes
Can you pick which ones are new?

So good, in fact, that on Saturday we went to the gardener and bought some plants (I’ve given up growing capsicums from seeds). And we’ve decided that next Friday is our first visit back to Hofer – we have a long list. Even though we’ve been ordering online, we haven’t stocked up on some of the essentials we keep stock of like tissues and toilet paper, so our trolley is sure to be full.

There’s a positive feeling in the air with the weather warming up and knowing we are transitioning gradually out of lockdown. It’s unfortunate that I was meant to be in Croatia this weekend with my workmates for our annual trip, but it’ll happen another time.

Earlier this week the news reported eight days since a case was detected in our state of Austria – the other states are not far behind – I guess this means that right now we’re winning at this thing.

I feel lucky to be living where I am, to have the job I’ve got and to be safe and comfortable. I feel glad that in Australia the stats have remained low and everyone I know there is also safe and well.

All we can do now is be smart and see how the next few weeks go. Fingers crossed the opening of our local swimming pool goes as planned!


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